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Faulty cable caused Saturday power outage in south Columbia
2019/8/7   HyperLink
The more than 1,000 customers in southwest Columbia who were without power Saturday night can blame a faulty underground cable. Ryan Williams, assistant director of Columbia Water & Light, said the cable runs between Troyer Drive and Melody Lane, just west of South Providence Road. Williams said the faulty cable caused a circuit in the area, Hinkson Creek Circuit #223, to trip around 8:35 p.m. Saturday. Automatic and manual attempts to re-close the circuit failed and left an estimated 1,625 customers without power for "a couple of hours," Williams said in an email. Williams said there were, however, about 12 residents without service for more than four hours. Customers were transferred to adjacent circuits to restore their power, and crews began work Monday to repair the bad section of cable. Customers will eventually be transferred back to the Hinkson Creek circuit. Repairs will not impact traffic in the area, and the transfer should be complete by Wednesday morning, Williams said. "The transfer should be seamless from a customer point of view," he said in his email.